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Stone & Slate

Elland Roofing Supplies stock a full range of reclaimed slate and stone, all sized and graded, including:

  • Yorkshire Stone
  • Heather Blue Welsh
  • Burlington Blue
  • Westmoreland Green

Due to being a natural material, there are many advantages of using slate and stone, which has a rich history in roofing and construction.

Benefits of Slate:

  • Attractive: Because it is a natural material, it has a unique beauty, providing a classic and sophisticated appearance.
  • Longevity: Being a natural stone product means slate is incredibly long-lasting.
  • Eco-friendly: Its long lifespan means it is better for the environment, needing to be replaced less often than other roofing alternatives that are more responsible for filling up landfills.
  • Fire resistant:The traditional roofing material is also impervious to fire, an important factor for commercial and domestic roofing projects alike.

We stock a diverse range of reclaimed slate that are all capable of withstanding the most extreme environmental and weather conditions.

What is reclaimed slate?

Reclaimed slate is a material that has been used on a building before, which is then reused on another building project. Rather than being dismissed as merely a ‘second hand’ product that is not good enough for your roof, reclaimed slate roof tiles still have the same smart and stylish appearance and weather resistant properties as they did originally due to their longevity.

Elland Roofing Supplies Slate

All our stone products are graded and coursed to size, ensuring a quality to suit all contracts, minimising wastage and maximising value for money. Should you require new slates, we offer a full range of imported slates from Europe and Asia, at prices to suit all budgets.

We carry a broad selection of high-quality stone roof slate products, which we can deliver straight to site for your added convenience.

Below are just some examples of the stone and slates we can supply you with, but we can source whatever type and colour required for your project. Simply contact us to discuss your roof slate requirements.

Yorkshire Stone Slate

Hardwearing Yorkshire Stone Slate is a reclaimed product originally quarried in the Yorkshire region, with the term ‘slate’ merely referring to ‘slating’, the way in which a roof is covered with slates.

more about Yorkshire Stone Slate
We supply Yorkshire Stone Slates that are ideal if your roofing project involves a listed or protected heritage building, helping the roof you are working on to seamlessly maintain a traditional appearance that complements the rest of the building and surrounding properties.

Benefits of Yorkshire Stone Tiles:

  • Robust
  • Durable
  • A natural material
  • Weather resistant

Known as ‘grey slate’ by locals and sourced from domestic and mill renovation projects throughout the area, all the slates are graded and coursed into sizes, making the selection of the correct product for your project a simple task.

Our experienced team can work out the exact requirement of material for the pitch and dimensions of your roof, minimising wastage and delivering you cost-effective options.

To find out more about our Yorkshire Stone Slate and stone tile range, contact us today.

Indian Stone Slate

When laid in diminishing courses Indian Stone Slate has the appearance of Yorkshire Stone Slate. Bright and colourful finishes are available for this imported stone tile or a more rustic look can be achieved with a dyed darker stone finish if you prefer.

more about Indian Stone Slate
Benefits of Indian Stone Slate:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Increased longevity

For more information regarding the Indian Stone Slate we stock, contact us today.

Reproduced Slate

With the appearance of natural stone being so popular, it is easy to understand why some choose the reproduced option, which we also stock here at Elland Roofing Supplies.

more about Reproduced Slate
What is reproduced slate?

Reproduced slates are artificial slate roof tiles that are manufactured and reproduced to re-create the look of natural stone slates, although they are usually made using concrete reinforced with fibres and moulded for an authentic finish.

Benefits of Reproduced Slate:

  • Lighter and more cost-effective than their natural counterparts, making them an appealing alternative.

For more details on the reproduced slate we supply, or for Yorkshire Roofing Supplies and roofing supplies across the UK, call 01422 349 400 to contact us today to discuss your requirements – we’re here to help.